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Lewiston Police Department, Maine

The Lewiston police department has been serving the residents of Lewiston since 1795. This department is entrusted with protecting life and property in the 2nd largest city in Maine. The officers have built trust with the community throughout the year for effective community policing. You can expect round-the-clock service at any time around the town from one of the oldest metropolitan police departments in Maine.

Police officers have been properly trained to meet state and federal standards. Officers joining the Lewiston police department must be at least 20 years old and have completed high school or college. Officers can learn important skills that can help them advance their careers in law enforcement.

Lewiston Police department believes in partnerships and may assign officers to work together with

  • Maine Drug Enforcement Agency (M.D.E.A.)
  • Maine Computer Crime Task Force
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation's Joint Terrorism Task Force (F.B.I)
  • the Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.)
  • Central Maine Violent Crime Task Force
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (A.T.F). 

Through specialization, the officers can meet the goal of protecting the citizens. As a result, officers are trained in various tasks to take up multiple roles within the police department. Each officer can expect fair remuneration of $29 an hour, which boosts their morale during working hours. Some of the common roles in the police department are.

  • K9 handlers
  • Field Training Officers
  • School Resource Officers
  • A.R.E.
  • Evidence Collection Team
  • Hazmat Technician Team
  • Crisis Negotiation Team
  • Polygraph Examiners
  • Domestic Violence Coordinator
  • Community Resource Team
  • A dedicated Detective Criminal Investigative Division

The Lewiston Police department is headed by the chief of the police, who is supported by 82 sworn officers and a dozen employees. The staff is divided into various divisions to help the officers deliver their mandate to the citizens. Each division has a specific role in delivering. There are also vehicles and other state-of-the-art equipment that help law enforcement in the city.

The patrol division is the largest division in the police department, which helps it stretch across the city and meet the needs of the residents. It is headed by the deputy chief of police and has 3 lieutenants and 6 sergeants who work in three shifts.

Successful policing is only possible when the police work hand in hand with the citizenry. That is why the police department has a Community resource office. A sergeant and three officers spread in substations around the city's neighborhoods staff the office. The police division has a heavy presence in the community and online space, so it can keep the community posted on any development and share public service announcements.

The police department is a public office at 171 Park Street in Lewiston City. You can contact the Chief of Police, David St. Pierre, at (207) 513-3137 or his chief deputy, Addam Higgins, at (207) 513-3137. You can interact with the service on the official police website or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Please contact the police department for non-emergency situations at 207-784-6421, you may also request to speak to a specific officer at 207-513-3001.

Warrants and Arrests in Lewiston, Maine

The Lewiston police department has put in the efforts seen in the numbers. In the last decade, the police department has received an average of 45,000 calls to service per year and responded to at least 5,500, affecting up to 1,800 arrests yearly. While the number of call responses yearly is rising, arrests have declined from 2,315 in 2012 to about 1,647 in 2021.

Arrests are only effected on individuals caught breaking the law or after a warrant has been issued. Arrest, search, and bench warrants are integral to the city's law enforcement exercise. They help to protect the citizens from arbitrary searches and malice. That is because a judge must sign all the warrants before they can be carried out.

Arrested suspects are sent to the Lewiston City jail controlled by the Lewiston Police department. The facility is a medium security jail that also doubles as a transient confinement community center; that is, guilty inmates that do not qualify for bail in the jail are moved to the county jail controlled by the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Department. Inmates are locked up in single cells. All inmates are fully accounted for, so you can easily find an inmate in police custody.

The metropolitan police department offers many services to the entire community. One of the most vital services is the keeping of criminal records. You can get a criminal record on any individual arrested in the city from the police department. Some of the common police records are:

  • arrest records
  • crime reports
  • arrest warrants
  • department logs
  • jail records.

Most police records are public documents and can be produced upon request to any community member though you may need a court order for some. The most vital lists, such as the inmate list, are public to make searching for loved ones in the city jail easier.



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